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BarryOneoff  home page - Welcome

Hello. My name is Barry and I am based in Bethnal Green, which is in the heart of London’s East End (England). If you want to know a little about the Cockneys, the 1950's East End or the history of The City of London this is the site to bookmark.That’s me, the old whiz-wrinkly in the photo, too old to be a whiz-kid, too stubborn to stop trying. The name One-off came about when I used to design and print individual greetings cards and Tee shirts. Now it’s one-off wall art print or the occasional web site.
I qualified as an official City of London tour guide in 2009 after a rigorous course and both written and practical examinations so now I can also offer a one-off City guided walk too!
There are a few deviations from the main pages leading to irrelevant and obscure articles but hopefully you will find something of interest. Please let me know if you find any errors or simply wish to make a comment or suggestion by contacting me here >.

Welcome to the Barry One-off home page. Thanks for the visit.

England’s Glory

Patriotic?Three Lions Feeling gagged by so called political correctness? Think it's racist to fly the Cross of St. George? Or just want some information about the patron saint of England? If so, this is the page to go to. There is also a list of our Kings and Queens through the ages as well as some of my personal views.

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City of London

Cockneys and London’s East End

This page beCity of London coat of armsgan as a brief history of the original “Square Mile” from Roman times onward, but as my interest grew, so did the content. My interest grew so much that in 2008 I joined a City University course to become an official City of London tour guide, and passed the exams in 2009

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‘’Ave a butchers at this (Butchers hook = Look). You can pick up a bit of cockney rhyming slang, learn about today’s changing East End or see what we got up to as mischievous kids in Bethnal Green during the 1950’s. If you’re too young to remember the 50’s then have a look anyway, it might surprise you.
If you are old enough to remember those days then have a look anyway, it may bring back a few nostalgic memories.

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About the author

Decorprints wall art

The Victorians in London

You can buy quality original art prints comprising of many subjects and styles to enhance your home or office walls.

For anyMe in my Sunday best visitors who want to know a little more about me, the old Whizwrinkly, there’s a page dedicated to me and my life. After all, I designed, researched, took the photos, put the site together and updated it over the years. I must be entitled to a small mention (modest as I am). Just a brief look at who I am. Feel free to skip it if you wish.

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This was tQueen Victoriahe last section to be added to the site, and was inevitable really. It leads off from both the East end, and the City pages to give a small insight into the great Victorian age. The vast gap between classes, caused by one thing only; money! The Victorians were also good at sweeping things under the carpet to prevent feeling guilty.

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