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Saint George Royal Lineage

Kings and Queens of England

The Kings and Queens of England from 924 to present

The monarchy of England goes back many centuries and has contained quite a few other nationalities. Below is the list of the Kings and Queens from the year 924. It is said that we are all remotely in line to the throne so if your family tree throws up any of the following you could be sitting on it one day! There is also a family tree layout available on the lineage page.>

The Danes

The Saxons

924-939 Athelstan; (15 yrs, 102 days)
939-946 Edmund; (6 yrs, 210 days)
946-955 Edred; (9 yrs, 181 days)
955-959 Edwy; (3 yrs, 313 days)
959-975 Edgar; (15 yrs, 280 days)
975-978 Edward the Martyr; (2 yrs, 253 days)
978-1016 Ethelred the Unready; (38 yrs, 36 days)
1016 Edmund Ironside; (222 days)
1042-1066 Edward the Confessor; (23 yrs, 294 days)
1066 Harold II; (283 days)

1013 Sweyn Fork beard; (a few weeks)
1016-1035 Canute; (18 yrs, 347 days)
1035-1040 Harold I; (4 yrs., 125 days)
1040-1042 Hardecanute; (2 yrs, 83 days)

Lancaster and York

Norman and Plantagenat

William the Conqueror 1066-1087
William Rufus 1087-1100 (son of William)
Henry I 1100-1135 (William Rufus' brother)
Stephen 1135-1154 (nephew of Henry I)
Henry II 1154-1189 (grandson of Henry I)
Richard I 1189-1199 (third son of Henry II)
John 1199-1216 (fifth son of Henry II)
Henry III 1216-1272 (son of John)
Edward I 1272-1307 (son of Henry III)
Edward II 1307-1327 (son of Edward I)
Edward III 1327-1377 (son of Edward II)

Richard II 1377-1399 (grandson of Edward III, son of the Black Prince)
Henry IV 1399-1413 (grandson of Edward III, son of John of Gaunt)
Henry V 1413-1422 (son of Henry IV)
Henry VI 1422-1461 (son of Henry V)
Edward IV 1461-1483 (great grandson of Edmund of York, Edward III's youngest son)
Richard III 1483-1485 (uncle of Edward V)

The Stuarts

The Tudors

Henry VII 1485-1509 (grandson of Henry V, wife's second husband)
Henry VIII 1509-1547 (Henry VII's second son)
Edward VI 1547-1553 (Henry's son by Jane Seymour)
Mary 1553-1558 (Henry's daughter by Queen Catherine)
Elizabeth I 1558-1603 (Henry's daughter by Anne Boleyn)

James I 1603-1625 (James VI of Scotland, great-great-grandson of Henry VII)
Charles I 1625-1649 (second son of James)
11 year gap due to Oliver Cromwell and the Revolution.
Charles II 1660-1685 (oldest son of Charles)
James II 1685-1688 (brother of Charles II)

Saxe Coberg, Windsor

House of Hanover

William of Orange (grandson of Charles I) and Mary (daughter of James II)
William and Mary 1689-1694; William as William III to 1702]
Anne 1702-1714 (sister of Mary)

George I 1714-1727 (great-grandson of James I)
George II 1727-1760 (son of George I)
George III 1760-1820 (grandson of George II)
George IV 1820-1830 (son of George III)
William IV 1830-1837 (brother of George IV)
Victoria 1837-1901 (niece of William IV)
Edward VII 1901-1910 (son of Victoria and Albert)
George V 1910-1936 (second son of Edward VII)
Edward VIII 1936 (son of George V) George VI 1936-1952 (second son of George V)
Elizabeth II 1952 - (daughter of George VI)