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Ariel Ariel Ariel Rush Hour Rush Hour

Statuary and sculpture

In the City of London

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Rush Hour

The Broad FamilyThe Broad Family

The Broad Family



George PeabodyGeorge PeabodyGeorge PeabodyGeorge Peabody

George Peabody

Paul Julius ReuterPaul Julius Reuter

Paul Julius Reuter

SerenitySerenitySir Thomas GreshamSir Thomas GreshamSir Thomas GreshamGresham GrasshopperGresham Grasshopper


Sir Thomas Gresham

Gresham Grasshopper

Sir Hugh MyddletonSir Hugh Myddleton

Sir Hugh Myddleton

Sir Richard (Dick) WhittingtonSir Richard (Dick) WhittingtonSir Richard (Dick) WhittingtonSir Richard (Dick) Whittington

Sir Richard (Dick) Whittington