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Home Englands Glory City of London East London The Victorians (1) About me
Home Englands Glory City of London East London The Victorians (1) About me

Latest updates to Barryoneoff.co.uk

Updates to Barryoneoff.co.uk.
Website created September 2002
Latest update March 2018

March 2018
Another complete overhaul.
Changed the layout to simple white background and made the whole layout much less crowded.
Reduced the size of the text to get on pages without making them excessively long.
Improved the navigation and made many, many minor changes and updated some photos and text.
One major change is the removal of photo gallery pages to cut the size of the site down a bit. Instead, I have incorporated smaller galleries into the pages of the site. These are presented in Light Boxes. For larger photographic content I have linked straight to my albums on Flickr. This saved a lot of space as well as allowing many more photos to be shown.

November 2015
Added this years Lord Mayor to the Lord Mayors page and linked to the 2015 Lord Mayors Show photos on flickr.

February 2015
Updated the City Gates page after finding more facts while researching. Finally added the latest lord Mayor from November 2014 to the list of Lord Mayors and after so many years got round to adding a site map.

January 2014
Slight adjustments to the user interface . Smaller font and brighter background shade. Fixed a couple of bugs. Only one new article added this time: Postman’s Park. At the foot of People and places (3)

March 2013
Another extremely overdue update. Made major changes to the layout with a completely new style. Much plainer now. Less fussy and unnecessary décor!. Apart from the layout the main updates are as follows:
One main technical change is to the image galleries. I have converted them to light boxes with slide shows available if required (just click the faint arrow at the bottom right of the photo).  Manual viewing is as usual with backwards and forwards arrows on either side of the picture frame.This saved me having to create a new page for every picture.
Navigation is  a different style but basically the same as before with fly out sub-menu buttons buttons. I have also added fly outs to the related links in the left hand columns. Additional content added on the Church pages. Additional content on the Statue pages. Additional content on the People and places pages.
The old Stock Exchange gallery has been moved to flickr.
Added a complete list of Livery Companies. Updated the list of Lord Mayors. Added more photos in various sections but will gradually replace the existing ones with better quality. Scrapped the Mile End Park page and incorporated it into the Mile end one.
There are a few more changes that I may have left out of the list above. I would appreciate it if you would contact me if you come across any errors or broken links etc. Thanks for coming and enjoy the rest of your visit here.

November 2009
A long overdue major update. The only main difference with the layout is that I changed from 800 pixel width to 1024 pixels. I kept to fixed width format in order to have more control over the final appearance in different screen widths.
Right; technical jargon over. The main content changes have been in the City of London section. There are too many additions and alterations to list here but one of the larger additions is the churches section. Still not complete but I’ll get there eventually. There are also some WW II bomb damage photos accessible from the City of London page.
I’ve also cut out a lot of photos, there were just too many of them and I still may do some pruning in the future.
I found an old photo album with some photos to enhance the 1950’s pages and will add some more when I scan them. I’ve also added a search facility at the bottom of each page to enable you to search both this site and the web. One other trivial thing I had to do was design a new set of navigation buttons; the others were too large, and as the drop down menus got longer I had to make the buttons smaller!
This update has been a major task for me and some errors may have occurred. Please let me know if you find any errors!
The old Stock Exchange and Manor Park galleries are still in their old 800 pixel format, as I need to be in a very patient mood to rewrite these. I’ll get round to it one day hopefully.
Once again, can I remind you, that the East End Forum is always happy to get new members no matter where you are based. Please pop in and have a look round.
One other thing I feel I should mention in passing, is that since the last web site update I have managed to qualify as a fully qualified City of London Tour Guide. You can find out more about this here, at City of London Walks.info