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Site created: September 2002

Latest update: January 2024

April 2024

Added Saint Dunstans in the East to Churches (2) page

January 2024

Added a new article about the Cockney dialect a the foot of the East End page. Fixed a few bugs and mistakes.

July 2023

New page Been meaning to do this for some time. Finally got round to create a page about Tower Bridge. Also fixed a couple of glitches. Also a full list of livery companies.

January 2023

Managed to take some photos of where the Walbrook river enters the Thames. See Lost Rivers page.

December 2022

New pages Added the Lost Rivers page that I omitted from rebuild. Also replaced the London Bridge page.

September 2022

Added list of monarchs with brief histories sadly, while doing this, Queen Elizabeth II died and we now have King Charles III as sovereign. R.I.P. Ma’am. God save the King.

March 2018

Another complete overhaul. Changed the layout to simple white background and made the whole layout much less crowded. Reduced the size of the text to get on pages without making them excessively long. Improved the navigation and made many, many minor changes and updated some photos and text. One major change is the removal of photo gallery pages to cut the size of the site down a bit. Instead, I have incorporated smaller galleries into the pages. For larger photographic content I have linked straight to an album on Flickr. This saved space as well as allowing more photos to be shown.

February 2015

Updated the City Gates page after finding more facts while researching. Finally added the latest lord Mayor from November 2014 to the list of Lord Mayors and after so many years got round to adding a site map.

January 2014

Slight adjustments to the user interface . Smaller font and brighter background shade. Fixed a couple of bugs. Only one new article added this time: Postman’s Park. At the foot of People and places (3)

March 2013

Changes to the layout and new style. One change is the image galleries. I converted them to light boxes with slide shows available if required. I have added fly outs to the related links in the left hand columns. Additional content added on the Church and statue pages. Added list of Livery Companies. Scrapped the Mile End Park page and incorporated it into Mile End.

August 2022

Complete rebuild of site after losing all previous data due to a hard drive crash. Apart from the simpler layout there are not a lot of changes. The main changes are: 1. The sticky navigation bar. It now stays put at top of window when you scroll. 2. Because of robots and spammers I have done away with my own contact page and now use an online service, jotform. The contact me link is now at the bottom of each page. 3. I realised that people using touch screens or phones would not get the drop down menus because the button would take them direct to a new page! I remedied this by making the first button do nothing and point to itself appearing again in the menu. 4. Couldn’t see the point of showing updates from the beginning anymore, so knocked it down to recent years.

December 2020

New Page Added Stratford City page to East End. New City Article Added Fredericks Place to the People and Places (3) page.

November 2020

Spent a while during the Covid-19 lock down making changes. It took eight months but I was in no hurry. The main change is that I’ve hopefully made it simpler for smart phone users by dividing into three columns. The difference to laptop and desktop users is that you read each column downwards instead of reading across the page. Complete change of look. Different colour scheme and much simpler layout. There are a few additions. The main one is a page for the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. Added page for Meath Gardens.