Docklands and the Thames,

Victoria Park to Paternoster

Square. Take a nostalgic

trip back to the East End in

the 1950’s or a stroll around

the Square Mile of the City

of London. It’s all here at

A brief history of the original “Square Mile” from Roman times onward. As my interest in the City grew, so did the content. My interest grew so much that in 2008 I joined a City University course to become an official City of London tour guide, and passed the exams in 2009. Go there >>
’London’s East End. Pick up a bit of rhyming slang, learn about today’s changing East End or see what we got up to as East End kids in the 1950’s. If you’re too young to remember the 50’s then have a look, it might surprise you. If you are old enough to remember those days it may bring back a few nostalgic memories. Go there >>
Patriotic? Feeling gagged by so called political correctness? Think it's racist to fly the Cross of St. George? Or just want some information about the patron saint of England? If so, this is the page to go to. There is also a list of our Kings and Queens through the ages. Go there >> Sad news today, 9th. September 2022. As I update this web site, Queen Elizabeth II has died. Long live King Charles III.
The Victorians in London. The last section to be added to the site, and was inevitable really. It leads off from both the East end, and the City pages to give a small insight into the great Victorian age. The vast gap between classes, caused by one thing only; money! The Victorians were also good at sweeping things under the carpet to prevent feeling guilty. Go there >>
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Hi, my name's Barry and I'm based in Bethnal Green in Tower Hamlets, the heart of London's East End (England). If you have visited the site before August 2022 you will notice a very great change to the layout. Full details on the updates page, but basically I had to rebuild the complete site due to a hard drive crash and loss of data. I hope visitors will find my site interesting, informative, entertaining and sometimes educational. If you want to know about Cockney kids in the 1950's East End or the history of The City of London this is the site to bookmark. The name One-off came about when I used to design and print individual greetings cards and Tee shirts. Now it’s a one-off photo print or the occasional web site.